We are a small to medium size truck and trailer repair facility, which concentrates on mechanical and structural to fleets and individual customers. We do not no internal engine work. We offer our employees the opportunity to become fully trained in mechanical troubleshooting, problem-solving, structural repairs including welding both aluminum and steel. You will be trained on computer diagnostic equipment. You must be able to complete duties and work orders while being supervised from a certified car and diesel truck mechanic with thirty years experience in the industry.

Our goal is to hire people that are fully dedicated to our industry, skill sets range from 6-8 years experience, no credentials.

Wage $18.00 - 20.00 per hour

1st Year Apprentice depending on experience $15.00-18.00 per hour

2nd Year Apprentice depending on experience $18.00-20.00 per hour

3rd Year Apprentice depending on experience $22.00-25.00 per hour

Certified 310 J depending on experience $25.00-28.00 per hour

Certified 310 T depending on experience $28.00-30.00 per hour

The above wage structure range from low to high is based on i.e. you are a 2nd-year apprentice but do not have welding experience, you will start at $18.00 per hour when you obtain welding experience to our satisfaction, your wage will increase as per the above schedule.

We expect all applicants to supply their own tools.

Tech Trailers is open for two shifts

Shift #1 - 7am - 3:30pm subject to change

Shift #2 - 12:30pm - 7pm subject to change, 1/2 hour unpaid lunch on both shifts.